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Spring is on its way! 

Now is the time to address those fit issues that have been bugging you!

Pre Pay for your fit service now and save big!

Now through Feb 28th!

Just book and pay for your service below, then schedule at your convenience. Once you've completed your on-line order your service will not expire. When everyone is paying spring prices for bike fitting you will have already paid at the off season rate!

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Ride Brooklyn Pre-Paid Guru Fit Save $100!!
Guru Fit Experience - $350: The best Fit specialists, and the best fit tool combine for the ultimate bike fit! Road, Tri, or Cross, this fit starts with a video scan of the rider to pinpoint all joints and body landmarks, then we use laser alignment to check foot, knee and hip alignment. We utilize the most cutting edge fit bike available to find you the perfect fit based on your feedback and preferences. The Guru GFU can adjust saddle height, fore/aft and Cockpit height and reach all while pedaling. We can see what each incremental change does to your pedal stroke and comfort in real time. We can test multiple riding positions while riding and let choose which feels best. What You Get: You will receive up to 15 screen captures. Streaming integrated video + Compare different handlebars & saddles. Bike size recommendation + 30-day adjustment period. Detailed Fit report with coordinates + Motion capture analysis + Spin scan. Purchase a bike from Ride Brooklyn for over $1500 and we will contribute 50% of the cost of your fit ($175.00) towards your bike purchase. *Available at our Williamsburg location only.
Ride Brooklyn Pre-Paid Pro Fit Save $75!!
Pro Fit - $199: New bike or existing bike, one of our seasoned fit specialists will help you get the perfect fit. Road, Tri, Cross or Mountain, we can help optimize your comfort and performance using tried and true methods learned at the nations top fit schools and perfected through experience. What You Get: This fit starts at the cleat and shoe, goes through saddle selection, height and setback and onto reach and drop. We will address any limitations you may have, and any annoying pains or numbness during riding. We will also help you fine tune your pedal stroke, to get the most out of your fit. Half price with a bike purchase, or free with purchase over $1500.
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